Sunny, waiting

I can’t write right now. I don’t know why. Maybe I haven’t come back from vacation emotionally. Or it may be because there is so much I can’t write about, that anything that’s safe to write about is unimportant. That feels about right.

I also haven’t been in my studio much either. It feels like a full-on block. And I can’t fight it, I’ve tried. So I just wanted to check in and tell my few followers why I haven’t been here. If the past proves useful at all, I will break out of this soon and be plugging along again. But for now, I’ll just say I am still reading and absorbing you guys, I’m just not in output mode for now.

You can always browse the archives if you aren’t a long-time reader. I think I have some pretty interesting posts.

Don’t forget me, I’ll be back.

4 thoughts on “Waiting?

  1. Take care. I understand all too well these blocks. Sometimes the only thing to do is wait it out rather than push it to try to create something, anything.


  2. I get this way sometimes; don’t even want to leave the house or answer the tele. I always come out, eventually, and so will you. Take your time but not so long that it becomes more and more difficult. Just enough time to settle in and feel comfortable with the words, the thoughts, and the mirror. Breath in and let the creative juices begin to flow again, imagine.

    See you when you get back.

  3. Maybe you’re just laying fallow for a while, having recently made those lovely boxes. I’m happy to wait, all good things and all that.

    Forget? Impossible. I’ve made a little nook just for you, and no-one else is allowed to sit there until you get back. x

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