Hello from the hinterland


Things i know now:
Aging is more tiring than I ever imagined.
I don’t like the term “old people.” Older than who?
I really hate the word elderly. It implies infirmity and worse.
There are pauses in life but no rewinds.
Dogs help.
“Some day” always turns out to be around ten years later, if at all.
The perfect haircut won’t last.
Neither will the roof.
Don’t put paint away until you are completely finished painting.
Since Oprah cancelled her “real” talk show, she is way less important.

Well, I have done it. I have neglected my blog until I had one lone reader this week. I have officially almost killed it. This is my attempt at getting back in the swing. But my computer software has reached its end of life by Apple and I don’t know how much longer I can post from here.

I am still stuck in suburbia. That’s me in my yard above (not, but might as well be), on my silent street, still wondering, will we ever get out of here? Is this the real thing, or is this just fantasy?

Is there anybody out there? If so, please write me a line and say hello.