Your One Wild Life

“Your One Wild Life.” This dragonfly-themed beaded mosaic is meant to express the beauty and transience of life, and bring peace and tranquility to the home. Dragonflies spring forth into the world in glorious splendor but their lives are brief, a lesson for us all. Trust that you belong here and go for “your one wild life” with all your heart!

This Diana Maus original highlights the charm of coastal life, full of ocean waves and peaceful creatures. Dragonfly charms, blue and gold glass, bugle and seed beads, and crystals adorn the blue and silver dragonfly aloft an ocean wave. This mosaic is self-framed by a weathered wood box with a dark stain.

The mosaic area is 5.5″x5.5″ on a 7″x7″, 1.75″ deep, free-standing wooden box. Ready to hang or freestand on a table or shelf. Shipping includes careful packing and insurance, and requires a signature upon delivery.

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