Ain’t No Sunshine

Four days ago we lost our beloved golden retriever Sunny (Here Comes the Sun). Sunny turned nine on August 4th. On August 13 he started to limp. Within a few days he was on the floor in pain, leg swollen and bruised. Many trips to the vet and the oncologist later, we let our poor boy go to spare him further deterioration from two (two!) cancers, lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma. There was little warning and within six weeks he was gone. In just a few weeks we had a crash course in cancer in golden retrievers, who are especially prone to the scourge.

This dog was almost human. They say goldens have the emotional intelligence of a toddler and we can vouch for that. He was emotionally welded to my husband, and our family, more than any dog I have ever had. He woke us in the morning with a lion’s roar, had a voracious appetite and always let us know when it was time to eat. He loved to talk to us and to sit on our laps, all 114 lbs of him.

Sunny was always worried about his daddy. Daddy could be getting a ladder, some tools, or changing a light bulb, and Sunny would come and tell me, like Lassie. Daddy’s on the roof, mom! Whenever daddy sneezed, Sunny got hysterical, climbing on him and giving him kisses and making sure he was alright. He didn’t like anything out of place in our house or garden and would bark to show us what was wrong. And Sunny was the best guard dog. No one was coming in my home uninvited. Sunny’s throaty bark was terrifying from behind the door.

Now the giant hole that’s left in our lives, our home, and our hearts has to be healed somehow. Hard to imagine, but we are thinking of all the good we got from having him for 9 years. Crazy, giant, good dog, filling up the floor, the bed, hair everywhere, monstrous appetite, and monstrous amount of love that radiated from that boy’s eyes. Love to my pup forever.

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