My possibly ageist thoughts


Do I do more than just exist? I retired in 2005 and started my own business as a visual artist. I love the work but it has dwindled and I need a restart button.

How old do you have to be to be too old to do something you’ve always wanted to do? My first career in graphic design is over and I do not want to re-enter that field. I’d like to write. I’d like to have paid work again. I’m only 62 (63 in April). I want to get involved in work that carries me for decades, that keeps me alive and fresh. I could try to revitalize my current business, if I could muster the energy.

When I read about women who have studied and continue to study life and it’s meaning, I wish I had done it more formally. Yesterday I read a post by a woman who started her masters in social work at 59 and I was envious, yet I don’t live close enough to a university to do what I’d really want to do, immerse myself in something that matters.

I have some time now (limited by watching my 7 yr old granddaughter) but I’m afraid I may not have the concentration. I do read widely every day but feel unproductive. Why did I study all these years if I have nothing to offer society now?

Is it use it or lose it in life? Can you jump-start at my age with a moderately chronic illness (CFS/Fibromyalgia)?

7 thoughts on “My possibly ageist thoughts

  1. The first thing you need to do is wipe every trace of negativity from your thoughts and your speech. Look back at what you write and see how many times you have said you can’t. You can study online, start by doing some free courses and see how it goes. I have done an entire Masters online and it was a great experience and I am getting ready to do Doctoral Studies mainly online (there will be times I will have to go on campus). I also have a grandson

  2. I completed a bachelors in my fifties and now in my sixties have just bought a framing shop. IT’s never too late to give something a go!

  3. That’s a big ticket to go for. Congrats on that! My biggest problem is not thinking I can’t, but starting things and having periods of unwellness from CFS. I have a business now and my work is up and down with my health. I took an online poetry course and I could not keep up with the reading! It was crazy. But it was an excellerated course. My concentration with reading these days is terrible.

  4. You’re just going through a temporary fallow period. I’m 75 and so, to me, you are still a Spring Chicken! Your beaded mosaics are absolutely breathtaking. You will restart and find your way!

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