Hello from the hinterland


Things i know now:
Aging is more tiring than I ever imagined.
I don’t like the term “old people.” Older than who?
I really hate the word elderly. It implies infirmity and worse.
There are pauses in life but no rewinds.
Dogs help.
“Some day” always turns out to be around ten years later, if at all.
The perfect haircut won’t last.
Neither will the roof.
Don’t put paint away until you are completely finished painting.
Since Oprah cancelled her “real” talk show, she is way less important.

Well, I have done it. I have neglected my blog until I had one lone reader this week. I have officially almost killed it. This is my attempt at getting back in the swing. But my computer software has reached its end of life by Apple and I don’t know how much longer I can post from here.

I am still stuck in suburbia. That’s me in my yard above (not, but might as well be), on my silent street, still wondering, will we ever get out of here? Is this the real thing, or is this just fantasy?

Is there anybody out there? If so, please write me a line and say hello.

12 thoughts on “Hello from the hinterland

  1. Oh, dear. Sounds like you were feeling blue when you wrote this. Try to remember that many parts of aging are bummers, but at least no one can make you go to gym class and play field hockey ever again! I am so grateful for that. : )

    A friend told me to check out your shop on Etsy. We both mosaic too. I really love your work. . . it’s wonderful. Do you work a certain schedule on your mosaics? I struggle to make it a higher priority than all the stupid household chores that never seem to be done but sometimes it’s difficult to spend as much time on mosaics as I’d like. I probably need to be more disciplined. Sigh. Any advice for me?

    I hope you are having a good evening. Unless you’re on the East Coast in which case, you’re probably sound asleep by now!

  2. Not blue Janet, feisty. Do you have any work I can see? I love to find new mosaic friends. As far as being disciplined, I am not. I get immersed in one then come up for air for a long time… doing nothing. When I am doing nothing I miss it. I have always been like that, ebb and flow.

    I am west coast, by the way.

  3. Well, I wish I could send you off to a website to see my mosaics but that’s something I’ve been procrastinating about for quite some time. I’m so stymied by trying to get photographs of the pieces that actually look like the right color.. . . so I’ve done nothing. Ugh!

    Are you a member of CMA? It’s an online mosaic group, Contemporary Mosaic Art. I’ve got some photos on there. . . if you’re not a member and would like to be, I’d be happy to send you an invitation. It’s fun because you can look at other people’s work and there are all kinds of different groups to get help, opinions, ideas, etc.

    And I am in Northern Arizona, so close to the same time zone!

  4. Not a member of CMA. Will take a look, thanks. I did some reading to find the best way to shoot my own work. Very hard to capture 3d work I think.

    Northern AZ, haha as hot as here! No, hotter. But we are drier.

  5. I can send you an invitation to CMA, if you’d like, but I need an email address. Yes, we’ve had some high temperatures lately but the mornings and evenings are beautiful. I’m writing from my deck this morning with a lovely breeze. . . it’s nice here, as I imagine it is in CA too. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Diana,
    Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve visited. It’s been a very weird year for me, and I’m working at keeping my own blog going, but I’m not doing so well in the reciprocity of my blogroll. I, too, yearn to leave suburbia. I think we have an actual plan in the works.

    My old computer is on its last legs, too. Makes very loud fan motor sounds and locks up all of the time. Oh well……..

  7. My old computer is doing the same thing! And I am woefully behind in reading and posting to my fellow bloggers. But that’s OK and probably a natural ebb and flow. I haven’t forgotten you. I am very tired though, with CFS and Fibromyalgia (and age). Thank you for saying something. Glad you had the impulse to write. I Will come visit soon.

  8. I discovered you this morning. I’m old, 68, but have discovered my passion late. I work with glass, (make lampwork beads), bead jewelry (currently working on a bead embroidery piece), learning metalsmithing and cloisonne, and take french lessons. I spent my life as a CPA in private industry. What a waste.

    But your words resonated so with me. I worry so much that my technique is perfect forgetting what I am trying to make, what I like, always doubting. Keep writing! Your words are often “right on” for me. I love your line about inclusion vs exclusion.

    Thank you!

  9. Paulette, thank you for writing! Your work is lovely. Do you have an Etsy shop for your beads? It’s never too late to find art and release of pent-up creativity. But I can relate to your feeling that the work years felt like a waste. Sounds like you are making up for it now. Here’s to the creative years, may we flourish.

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