Land, ho! (via MosaicMoods)

It’s always interesting to look back. There’s such a sense of promise and change in this previous post — and some of that change has actually happened. What a relief! But I am waiting for the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place before I feel like I have taken a full step into my future. Just one more thing needs to happen. It will change everything for good, I hope. I want to be able to look back in two years time at this repost and say that the change actually happened and that the change brought me the spirit and the life-force I need to live with the partial disability and frustration of CFS/FM. In fact, I hope that this expected change will leave me so fully living that the downtime my illness causes will just be a rest from the blur of life. No more slo-mo for me. I want vibrance, chaos, and chatter.

Meet you here in 2 years and we’ll see what we will see…

Land, ho! Times are changing here at my house, in my life. Good change, hopeful change, meaningful change. The fact that this change will manifest itself towards my destiny very slowly, is something I can’t control. I mean, if a boat comes to rescue you at sea, you should not complain about the speed of the boat, right? This will not be a quick journey b … Read More

via MosaicMoods

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