Helen – my mom.

12.17.29 – 3.29.74

5 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Hi Emma. I chose this photo over others because she looks so happy. I also like the ghostly effect (out of focus). And there’s something about that road behind her… it looks like she’s turned back from it for a minute, before going.

    It’s a very old photo, before I was born. I think the blur best represents how time fades memory. I miss her.

  2. I really like the photo. It’s a specific time and place,and she is looking at the camera a bit impatiently, as if to say, this road is calling me. Or am I dramatizing?

  3. I think the pose reflects a time in her life (before I knew her) when she was relaxed.

    And I also think her expression is a reflection of who is taking the picture. I see affection, possibly love.

    There is something about this photo that makes her seem eager to go on, but like you, I am hesitant to say that’s true in light of the fact that she lived such a short life. I may be dramatizing too.

    In any case, the road seems a glimpse of what was to come.

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