Support K-9 Officer Robin

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you
more than you love yourself.   ~Josh Billings

My “Sunny” boy is our pride and joy, thanks to Robin and Mary!

My dog Sunny’s dad, Robin, has just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Unfortunately, Robin and his owner, Mary, had just been laid off from their job at the police dept. and are in need of funds for Robin’s treatment. Golden Retriever Police Service Dog “Robin” (AKA CH. Nitro’s Boy Wonder) is only 8 yrs of age and is a very loved and special dog. It’s the thing we all fear with our pets — they are always there for us yet still so vulnerable.

If any of you are so inclined as to donate to Robin’s treatment fund, in honor of the warm fuzzy thing you have in your lap or at your feet right now, here is a link to donate (click on the box below):

—————— Many people have generously helped with Robin’s medical care so I have removed the donation link.


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