Wanna hear something really scary? (via MosaicMoods)

After rereading the fantastic discussion Emma McCreary and I had (regarding the Law of Attraction) in the comments section of this post, I think it deserves a rerun. This is my first attempt at reblogging a post and I hope the comments from last year follow along with it to the present.

Emma and I never reach a consensus in the comments, but we tried to understand each other and for the most part we may have, even though I tired at the end and agreed to disagree. Here it is…

This won’t be a popular post. Oh, man, I have to admit it…I hate the law of attraction. I hate optimism. I don’t do ((hugs)) and I don’t know how you can do them either. Everyone seems to be on a positive thinking binge. Everywhere I go on the web I hear people congratulating each other for their warmth and support, their optimism. It’s almost unacceptable now to disagree with someone in their comments. You may do it, of course, if you do it po … Read More

via MosaicMoods

3 thoughts on “Wanna hear something really scary? (via MosaicMoods)

  1. Okay, well, I see that to read the entire post and the discussion that ensued, you need to click “read more.” A stimulating read in my opinion.

    By the way, I still value Emma McCreary’s exhaustive attempt to present her point of view. That was a lot of work and had a lot of passionate intent behind it. Thanks Emma, for the conversation.

  2. Heya,
    Wow, yeah, that was a doozy.
    Hmm. Some of those are good. Maybe I will extract my comments and collect them into some kind of structured piece.


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