For all things related to the heart

“All paths lead nowhere, so it is important to choose
a path that has heart.”  ~ Carlos Castaneda

“Follow Your Heart” …my latest art box. I have become obsessed with boxes. I had a bright idea last month in the middle of the night, something about nooks and crannies. I have been beading and assembling art boxes since then. I have a large one coming this week, but I don’t have the written description finished so I’ll wait a little longer to show you that larger piece.

I love these small “holders of all things related to the heart”. There is something intriguing about the finished piece really being unfinished because it is still empty. For me, it’s all about what will be, or could be, placed inside once owned. Your grandmother’s ring. Your favorite earrings. Baby teeth! Yes, I have a few of my children’s baby teeth. I love keepsakes. I am loathe to let go of these things yet I seldom go to look at them. That’s why I decided to create these boxes.

My art boxes are available at my ETSY store.

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