Thriving in suburbia

Working small is a challenge but I have enjoyed working on these delicate jewelry boxes. I think I’m enthralled with the garden right now, everything still green and blooming like mad, so I have named my two new pieces “Thrive” and Bloom.” I have two more in the works, one small and one larger so I can sink my teeth into the design.

Summer comes on fast here in the desert and I get wanderlust. I want to be on the move! Instead, I am listening to birds with Abby Rose and Sunny, my two golden retrievers. Beading keeps me lashed to the deck lest I throw myself overboard in a fit of suburban angst.

Available on Etsy. More to come…

3 thoughts on “Thriving in suburbia

  1. Both very nice, but I prefer the top one.
    What sort of glue or grout do you use to stick the beads on to the surface?

  2. Val, thanks for coming to take a look. I use an assortment of glues depending on what I need to adhere.

    @Blume I’m so glad you like them! Thanks for the enthusiasm 🙂

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