Dear Abby Rose: an ode to spring

Abby Rose Meadow

Dear Abby Rose,
Once again it’s spring and, as usual, you are enjoying it out in our yard, despite howling winds. I admire the way you relish the new smells of spring and refuse to miss the opportunity to see the return of birds, cats, and plum blossoms flying by.

I wish I had your patience with the wind and cold. You know it’s warming up, don’t you? You can feel the sun change course, while I snuggle in the (heated) house with Sunny? And soon you’ll be running through the sprinklers and sunning yourself dry, dreaming of camping and romping in dog parks.

I felt that way as a child. I yearned for the spring that brought summer—and freedom. If only I had your nature, your certainty, that one thing follows another as surely as we breathe in and out. You do not doubt. You only enjoy. And I love you for showing me that is possible.


Abby Rose detail 2
Abby Rose detail
Abby Rose at home

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