The importance of negative space

mom, fish, and negative space (detail)

Artists know that it’s good practice to balance negative space with that of your subject matter, although sometimes the subject matter is the empty (negative) space.

Designers know that negative space is as important to layout as any other aspect of the page.

“It’s used as a balancing element
in many compositions,
and without that balance,
the rest of the composition would be
much less meaningful (if not formless).”

When I read back through my archives — all the rich material I have uncovered and displayed here — I am struck by all that is not here, what has not been disclosed. Then I realize that just because it hasn’t been disclosed doesn’t mean it hasn’t been revealed. It is just as important as what is here.

I imagine I’m not the only one whose blog lies fallow during some of the most meaningful times of their life… when nothing escapes the pull of real life.

In this drawing of my mom I made almost 30 years ago, negative space is left to contain the unsaid.

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