“… lies, damn lies, and statistics”

Is FriendFeed my friend? I recently read some complaints online about FriendFeed and how it distorts your blog stats. Despite doing a couple of searches, “What is FriendFeed?” and “How does FriendFeed distort your stats?” I still don’t understand how it works.

I have one post from August that simply won’t go away. It is consistently the highest ranking post after my Susan Boyle post died down. It’s not bad but it’s nothing special either. Most days I supposedly get between 50 and a hundred (or more!) “views” of this post. It is thrilling to see the numbers go up, but they go up and down like a yoyo. One day I was clicking on my referrals and saw that “top post” in FriendFeed. That’s when I found out those numbers don’t mean anyone was actually reading my post. Some people like the service, some hate it, but I was left with a sinking feeling that I’d been duped by my stats into thinking more people were coming here than are actually coming here.

Yeah, I feel deflated. That means my actual readers are, well, few.

I can handle the truth. If I only have 20 or so real viewers per day, I can deal with it. But can anyone tell me what the other 79 hits on one post really mean? In layman’s terms please. Thank you, in advance.

Title quote by Mark Twain.

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