Day of the Dead show rocks Eagle Rock


I did it. I finally got out and about – at night, out of town – and got a glimpse of life after hours in the big city. Well it wasn’t a big city but the big city was visible in the distance – a short distance. Downtown L.A. and it’s highrises blinked brightly in the clear night sky. Eagle Rock is next to Pasadena. The whole area is gorgeous, with quaint older neighborhoods and lush vegetation.

There’s my piece on the red wall, towards the top – the one with the red flaming heart in the distressed wood frame. It’s titled “Corazón Ardiente (Blazing Heart)” Read about it here. The show is hung beautifully! Sandra Mastroianni, the owner of Eagle Rock’s Cactus Gallery (in southern California) has an eye for art and an eye for putting up a show. This placed rocked on opening night! Swell crowd of swell people, eating and drinking and listening to some very cool sounds… in perfect weather, on a perfect night.

In the picture below, my candy box, “La Vida es Dulce (Life is Sweet),” is on the wall next to some awesome Day of the Dead art. I was blown away by these assemblages, and the doll in the red dress was one of my favorites.


Mary Clark-Camargo was also in the show. This is Mary’s entry into Day of the Dead, an amazing giant mosaic calavera!


Mary has a mosaic studio, New Stone Age Mosaics, inside Cactus Gallery. She also shows my beaded mosaics alongside other mosaic artists in her studio.


Opening night was fun, talking to other artists and having a surprise guest drop by…



The 5th Annual Day of the Dead Group Show at Cactus Gallery runs through October. Eagle Rock has a number of galleries nearby and an obviously thriving art scene! Closing reception is Sunday, November 1st. Drop by if you live in the area, you won’t regret it.

4 thoughts on “Day of the Dead show rocks Eagle Rock

  1. Looks like a great show – wish I lived in your area I’d go. The 4th photo down shows mosaic (?) on what looks like 2 manikins on the green wall – very similar to what I hope to do someday with some “half” manikin torsos I have – I’m inspired! Your grouping of beaded mosaics on the table looks gorgeous!

  2. @ Mary,
    Yes, those are mannequins. Mary has done a few of them, I don’t know how many. I do know they are gorgeous! If you click on Mary Clark-Camargo’s name in red above, you will see some very pretty pictures of two of hers. They are really nice.

    It think it would be a challenge, and a good one!

    Thanks for the compliment on my work too. You’ve been moving full speed ahead I see lately and I get inspired by that to get myself in gear.

    @ my other readers, If you haven’t seen Mary Boden’s jewelry, click on her comment link for a delightful surprise!

  3. The opening was awesome and your art looked amazing!! There was so much talent in one place and everyone really elaborated on the theme. It’s a great show! Congrats!

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