Land, ho!

Land Ho
photo by Lexa Dedman

Times are changing here at my house, in my life. Good change, hopeful change, meaningful change. The fact that this change will manifest itself towards my destiny very slowly, is something I can’t control. I mean, if a boat comes to rescue you at sea, you should not complain about the speed of the boat, right?

This will not be a quick journey back to the mainland but a lengthy one with stops along the way. At least it’s in a stable craft. I wonder what new sights I’ll see once off this desert island? I wonder if the natives will be friendlier, the food more substantial, the environment less hostile? I’ve been starved before and I’m starving now. It won’t take much to satisfy me.

Maybe I’ll take a few pictures, keep an adventure journal. I might even find something that reignites my will to paint. I have the desire, but not the will. Will, I think, is a symbol of hope. Where there is no hope, there is no will.

So, did the boat come just in time? Will I get where I need to go before I am too old to embrace all that I find? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out. Departure date is set for October 26, 2009. One, two, three and now a fourth amazing occurrence. This may turn out to be the year of all years for me.

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