Sometimes you gotta ramble on

Anywhere or bust

My desperate need to move away from this suburban shithole my current environment inspired an earlier post, Gotta find the queen of all my dreams. In case you’re wondering, the queen is me — or my former, more congruent self. As they say, sometimes you gotta ramble on.

I have left before and returned against my will. I am still searching for the tools and support I need to manage this once and for all. I need you guys to help me get the f*** out of here. So, I’ve created a series of polls to make it easy for you to help. You are also welcome to leave completely original answers and advice, personal experience, warnings, etc.

I thank you in advance for any and all help you can provide (pullease!!)

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13 thoughts on “Sometimes you gotta ramble on

  1. that was awesome! everyone says visit for awhile! no way just go!!!!! i said RV it! you need to go now! before you go crazy!! just like you would want me to leave a damaging relationship now not next year thats how i feel about it for you. you need to go now. no visiting no evaluating. just go. take it by the horns and feel free!
    seattle here i come….life here i come….friends here i come… and away we go!

  2. @lexa You’re funny. How did you get to be anonymous?

    Well, we were sitting at lunch at chronic taco and on the TV’s was a show about…Seattle! Now, ordinarily I wouldn’t have paid attention, but I was watching the scenery real close. It was pretty 🙂

    All the people in the show were young people, but prob because it was on VH1 or MTV or something.

    Glad you liked my polls.

  3. I think you’d like Seattle, but I am biased.

    I keep thinking of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and how Audrey Hepburn’s old self followed her everywhere she went. You know, wherever you go there you are.

    From my experience, geographic cures never work. But if you aren’t happy with where you are it really is okay to move. Just realize the demons do follow.

  4. Hi Terry, Maybe I worded it incorrectly.I’ve had a lot of analysis so my demons are pretty much categorized and understandable (and withstandable). 🙂

    What I was talking about are not really my troubles but crime, gangs, unemployment, devalued housing, a serious depression in my current area, and a lack of congruence between who I am and where I live. I was hoping that I wouldn’t find the same bugaboos everywhere I went.

    Can I escape them is what I meant. I want to know that if I move somewhere I find people I like and more activities, if it will last, if it helps you build your empty life back up into something vigorous and meaningful? I imagine so.

  5. Oh, well that is different. LOL

    I had a trip to Phoenix in June. Although it was hot, the city was so clean looking and new . . . I could hardly believe it and I almost wanted to live there. However, I don’t know the crime rate or any of that.

    There are some problems with depression in Seattle, from the general lack of sun, but it has never bothered me and we’ve had a ton of sun this summer! We do have unemployment, declining property values, and other ills but who doesn’t? What Seattle does have is a large arts community.

    Have you thought about Portland? It’s weird in a good way.

  6. Thanks Terry. Yes I have thought about Portland and surrounding areas. It’s just that my daughter may be moving to Seattle area and I’d like to see my granddaughter grow up.

    Funny about the lack of sun. I get seasonal affective disorder even here in the Mojave desert in winter! But I think with enough people, arts, music and caffeine, I might survive. I can’t survive here much longer, sun or no sun.


  7. I have been away too long!

    I wasn’t sure how to answer the first poll question as we moved just shy of one week ago and my life has changed: I have no idea where half of my shit is.

    I know it’s a sign I have too much *shit* but it’s the Polack in me. I can’t part with things… some family member may have looked at it once…

    In all seriousness, I am very, very glad we moved. It’s not like we were trying to get away from something as much as we felt (and feel) like we are moving toward something. I have many friends and family members in Seattle who love it there. Being around artists and water and mountains might be good for you…

    Regardless, I’ll follow you wherever your IP address takes you :).

  8. @skyewriter Awww, how sweet of you! And thanks for the encouragement. Now if I just knew how it actually comes about (moving)! There are so many variables. Did you move because of job opportunities? Or want to go there and then found jobs? PM me if you want!

  9. I have it on good authority that Portland is one of the most wonderful places in the US for creatives. If I could, I would go there for a few months, but my life is too fixed here right now.

    I think the most important things about this is that you are thinking about it with your eyes open. If you were just saying “I’ll move, it will all get better!” without even thinking about whether that’s false, I’d be worried. But you’re not, you’re thinking about this carefully and consciously.

    I have a life that changes all the time. Periods of relative calm then it all gets turned upside down. I recently got back in touch with a friend after 4 years apart. I couldn’t begin to list all that had happened, so I asked him. He said “nothing” and I just couldn’t understand how his life; work, home, situation could be exactly the same 4 years later.

    Why am I saying this? Um… I think that change is simetimes a symptom, sometimes a solution to my various troubles. Yes, some of them come with me, but some are solved by a change in life.

    But whatever happens, staying still when you hate where you are just seems… unproductive. Go! Go out into the world! You are too fabulous to be kept in a small place, with small ideas and big problems. Fly!

  10. @Emma Unfortunately, it seems like “carefully and consciously” are my middle names. I am cursed with the inability to be madly and freely spontaneous (except for a short time in high school!)

    I’d like to be the sort who wouldn’t have “nothing” as an answer for what had changed in the last 4 years, 10 years! I retired from my job, but that’s not the only change I wanted. I want a MAJOR uproot. I want upheaval, I want the frosting upside down on the floor. That’s what small town, boring, suburban living does to a person who would have thrived in an urban setting.

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