Goodnight You Moonlight Ladies

Goodnight You Moonlight Ladies

I have been out of writing and art-making umph lately. I finally finished this 6″ beaded mosaic wall-hanging though. I really like this one, it makes me happy.

“Good Night You Moonlight Ladies” is a paean to the Pacific Ocean, a potent theme in my work since I was born near mother ocean. This Pacific piece was inspired by James Taylor’s lullaby, “Sweet Baby James.”

According to, “Moonlight Ladies” are actually the spirits of the moon, which come out of the sky and shine their lights as the evening darkness falls, a nice thought on these newly warm summer nights. I’ve always loved summer, especially nights, and at the ocean, nights are magical. The surf gets louder and stronger and I can feel the tide pull, a siren song for me. The last night we were in Hawaii, just a few days after 9/11, I walked out on the jetty and just stayed there in the dark until I had drunk enough of the Pacific to imagine leaving it again. Our trip had been a nightmare of images on CNN, our only news source of the event.

My life has been a jarring ride, and the Pacific Ocean has been a constant source of reassurance and relief for me when I have needed it. I will always need it. And it will always be there — immense, forgiving, eternal. The sea is like the womb, a contented sloshing around of fluid filled with all the ingredients necessary for life, rolling and tumbling with the movement of mother earth and, like our mothers, influenced by time and tides.

The “Goodnight You Moonlight Ladies” original is available at Etsy and prints are at RedBubble.


3 thoughts on “Goodnight You Moonlight Ladies

  1. Yours is the Pacific and mine is the Atlantic… So many hours of my life I have stood on granite cliffs with the Atlantic pounding the rocks below. There’s such power in the ocean, and I love how she changes; some days there is terrifying fury in huge breakers, but the day after there are a thousand thousand diamonds floating on silken water.

    This is a gorgeous piece, and has moved to the top of my wish list. The pieces that you create with the shapes and colours of the ocean are my favourites – you tap into the feeling that the ocean stirs in me so perfectly.

  2. @Mary Thank you for coming by to see my new piece. And the compliment 😉

    @Emma I’m glad my ocean pieces have resonance for you. I’m certain that the ocean is female, with all the turmoil!

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