My Heart Art prints, cards, calendars & Tshirts

I haven’t been very good about letting people know that my art is available at RedBubble as prints, cards, calendars, even framed print and prints on canvas!

Here’s where to buy prints of my
Beaded Mosaics and Paintings

My art is right here, right now. I have added some new work and a new calendar. The calendars are really cool because you get 12 prints for only $28.50 USD! Prints and cards are reasonably priced too. The quality is excellent. I have been collecting cards from artists I love on RedBubble. Collecting artists’ cards has become a popular hobby for artists and collectors.

Year of the Heart
Year of the Heart
Year of the Heart II
Year of the Heart II

My sidebar kinda stinks as a selling tool. So I expect to be more OBVIOUS from now on in letting you know where to purchase my art.

Hey, did I mention I have Heart Art Tshirts available? I didn’t think so. Having failed miserably at implementing anything Havi and Naomi have taught me in the last year, I bet no one even knows I have these really nice Heart Art Tshirts at RedBubble and Etsy.


So I’ll try to do a better job at letting you know where you can linger in my galleries, shop for art at Etsy, shop for prints, and buy my wearable art.

Phew, I’m tired. I hope you’re not too tired to go take a look at these links while I go get my teeth cleaned. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.

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