New work: A Passion Garden

Passion Garden
Passion Garden

“Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south;
blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out.”
~ King James Bible

Passion detail
Passion detail

Divine Feminine Power sits atop a Passion Garden. For the woman who embraces life in all its glory.

I dedicate this piece to Janice Hunter at Sharing the Journey for her wonderful post “Writing to Connect: Does Your Writing Stink?” Janice asks the reader to pay attention to all the senses when writing. She asks the question “How can you discover what your sensory preferences are?” Good question. It led me to look for my biases towards one sense over another and I noticed that the olfactory is ignored in my art and my writing. So here’s a garden for you, Janice, with hope “that the spices thereof may flow out” and spread throughout these pages.

Part of my Small Wonder Series. 7.75″ x 6.25″ photo frame. Fits 3.5″ x 5″ photos. Set on table top or hang on wall. Available, email me if you are interested.

7 thoughts on “New work: A Passion Garden

  1. Thank you! It’s beautiful and will make a wonderful wedding gift for someone. I don’t twitter, but maybe one of your readers who does could tweet it as a wedding gift idea. I’m going to link it in a post to my friend Sean’s piece about ghostwriting wedding vows.

    Do you go round craft fairs and local shops etc to really get your art out there?

  2. Hi Janice I live in the boondocks and no one is into the arts here. So no, I haven’t been able to really get my art out anywhere yet. Except here on the web.

    I never thought of this as a wedding piece. Is the quote associated with weddings? I just found it in an old book and thought it’d make a wonderful piece. Thanks for linking it!

  3. Diana, this is one of the most incredible mosaic frames I’ve ever seen….totally unique….hang in there until word gets out….you are too good not to catch on fire soon!!

  4. Thanks Lauren. I am not sure if I belong, LOL. It’s very hard to remember everything you sign up for! I’ll check it out.

    And thanks for the compliment!

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