4 fantastic minutes I almost threw away

Got this video in the mail and I immediately THREW IT AWAY! I thought I’d seen the “train station YouTube video” already. Wrong. This is a different “train station YouTube video.” Coincidentally, I ran into it again on “The Happiness Project” this evening and now I remember why music, especially when performed en masse, is the very best anti-depressant.

I have always wanted to be in an ensemble again, since dance class and junior high school band. Dance troupe, symphony, rock band, it wouldn’t matter. Remember when girls couldn’t dance alone (or together) on a dance floor? I grew up in that era. A woman dancing alone may as well be a… well, a slut shameless hussy!

Good thing the 60s came along and we were free, free, free (!) to counter the existing culture. Dance in the late 60s became a pursuit of ecstasy. In the words of Suzy Creamcheese, “When I start to dance, at a certain point, the dance takes over and the music is dancing me. Dancing is this electric enhancement of your spine by sound.” I’ve felt that same transcendent groove when the music moved me.

I’m no anthropologist but it seems like every generation and culture seems to find its own form of spontaneous dancing. These YouTube circulated, arranged events remind me of the “happenings” of the 60s and that makes me smile. Spontaneity (joy!) is alive and well 40 years later. Art-ins, group freezes, and musical breakouts let everyone, anyone, get into the groove. In spite of everything, something is still right with the world.

10 thoughts on “4 fantastic minutes I almost threw away

  1. Oh wow! This made me cry! It brings a perfect moment of magic into the world – an experience that is usually only seen through a screen was made real life for those people, how extraordinary.

    Sometimes I love humanity.

  2. I agree, these videos bring joy to not only the people there in the train station, but to everyone who is able to watch it online! It’s almost better than the 60’s because everyone around the world can share the experience. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  3. oh wow! awesome! whats cool is that is one of my favorite songs from childhood!

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