I (still) love Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle shines on Britain’s Got Talent



In case you are the only person who hasn’t seen this YouTube video yet, this is an incredibly moving performance by a relatively unknown 47 yr. old woman from a small village in Scotland. Makes me cry every time I watch it. She is one Fab lady! The fact that it is my favorite song (from Les Miserables) doesn’t hurt either.

But I kept wondering why I am so moved by her performance every time I watch it. Last night as I was falling asleep I wrote this down…

“Many people wish that after keeping their talents to themselves for too many years
that when they finally open their mouths, something as good as this will come out.”

Some of us don’t have a reservoir of courage like she does and we wish we did. Redemption is what we seek, acknowledgment, existence — triumph!

Photo mirror.co.uk.


Susan Boyle Rocks!

Perfectly modulated voice, meaningful lyrics, polished look. Love it, love it, love it. Good song choice, Susan… woohoo! Wild Horses? The Stones? Who would have guessed. You still surprise and delight me.

You are the professional singer you aspired to be. I’m very happy for your success! I hope you are happy. I hope you are rich.

But I do still love that first raw, unpolished performance in Britain the best, before you were “made over,” before you were molded, scored, folded and made acceptable to this modern world. You rocked and you know it!

Love you Susan. Love your brash confidence and bold delivery of those first desperate words in Britain, “I had a dream my life would be… so different from this hell I’m living.”

Your story, your voice, and your innocent charm are not lost on me. I want you to know I missed watching my Netflix DVD of Life on Mars BBC tonight and sat through two hours of commercials and those overlong, dramatic pauses (ugh) to see you sing again tonight. You couldn’t have kept me away!


Want more? here it is…

For updates on Susan Boyle and her second performance

on Britain’s Got Talent click here and click here for the newest interview!


We Love you Susan!

10 thoughts on “I (still) love Susan Boyle

  1. Lovely to read your post about Susan. Yes – it’s true, when you finally open your mouth you hope something good will come out.

    At the same time, I think it’s important to let what’s in us come out, no matter what anyone else things. Every activity responds positively to practice.

    Let’s all sing in our own way 🙂

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  3. I have 722 views of this post as of today!

    I hope some of the people who love Susan Boyle as much as I do will take a minute to look at the “Gallery>Purchase” links in my sidebar. I have some art you might enjoy!

    You can also view my art right here under “Diana’s Art” in the sidebar.


  4. yes, i’m checking out your blogs lol 🙂

    when i watched Susan Boyle for the zillionth time i thought
    “how can we make art that moves people like her voice does?”

    mamma mia!

  5. I know. music always makes me want to make something that makes me feel that good.

    and I just watched mama mia. it was very good for me because it was about the mother/daughter relationship. they never said that in the previews. I htink people who make previews have never seen the movie, 🙂

    thanks for coming by jennifer, come back any time!

  6. Its been months now since the first time I saw Ms.Susan Boyle in YouTube singing that heart warming song from Les Miserables. Every now and then, if I needed a 10-minute break from my work surfing the net, I would always go back to Ms. Boyle’s youtube. Her voice warms my heart, the reaction of the people and the judges still amuses me, never fails to give me a smile. But most of all, it always gives me a hope that someday my dream will come true just like hers. No matter what other people say, I would forever thank Susan Boyle for giving me that inspiration to never stop dreaming. 🙂

  7. @ Chicago I know how you feel. I still get the same feeling each time I listen to the original appearance on BGT. I like the first appearance best, raw emotion and that sparkle in her eye, that hunger to do her best. She has moxie!

    And you’re right. Her choice of that song at that time in her life is what is what made the performance most poignant for me. I could identify with her anger and her desire.

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