There are no pillar articles here

Okay, so I admit I have a few little problems with my blog.

  • I love to write but can’t write well on demand.
  • I am moody. Sometimes I don’t recognize posts I’ve written weeks before (was that a guest author?)
  • I am not good at getting people to leave comments.
  • I have argued with people.
  • I have asked people not to come back. (Did I mention I am not good at getting people to leave comments?)
  • Most of my readers are writers because that’s mainly who I visit.
  • I need to sell art and writers can’t afford art.
  • I have yet to decide what I have to offer readers besides art.
  • I have no pillar articles.
  • I don’t do SEO.

My posts are all over the place with subject matter. My blog is more like the inside of my head, a little schizoid. I feel like a street person talking to the crowd on the corner. Somedays I’m in a purple skirt with green sweater, over a yellow shirt with little blue flowers, over a long nightgown, wearing hiking boots and men’s slacks (underneath) for warmth. It’s 105º outside.

I know this person. She talks all day, sometimes vehemently. She must know hundreds of people where she lives, in her mind. How many books has she written in her head? How many poems has she uttered and not known they exist? Does she see the people around her or only phantoms from her past? Does she care? Why is she so angry?

On good days she draws pictures on the sidewalk. People smile and give her money. That makes her happy. Happiness lets her make more pictures. Then the conversations begin again. She rants. She gestures. She moves on to the next corner, to begin again.

Here is a comment I left for The Naked Writer, who had asked How much do you reveal in your writing? How down and out personal do you get?

“Talk about naked… my blog exists because I exist. And right now, I only exist because of my blog and my art, or that’s how it feels anyway. If I don’t (finally) let the world know me I will die unnoticed.”

Hard to pin down what I do here. I guess I am here at Sartre’s bequest. “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.” I am here to free myself. If someone can benefit from my experience, or not feel alone, I’ll have succeeded.

This post is in response to Terry Heath’s Blog Boosting Brouhaha at Bloggity.

8 thoughts on “There are no pillar articles here

  1. For what it’s worth, I always read your blog. I value your honesty and am interested in what you have to say. So you’ve definitely succeeded with me. I don’t comment more because I’m trying to work out what the hell I’m doing with my own blog!

  2. Beautiful post, Diana, and beautifully written. You have so much to offer, I hope I can play some part in letting the rest of the world know you.

  3. @Pj Your blog must be a full time job! It’s thoughtful, timely and relevant. And you have a slush puppy avatar which brought back such memories for me!

    Seriously though, I am so glad to hear you read my blog. There are a few bloggers I am extremely fond of and it is my intent to have them here as company, even if they don’t have time to comment.

    @Terry, ditto except the slush puppy. I was so afraid to submit this entry because I hadn’t noticed the word “short” in your instructions until I was finished writing! But I decided it was more important to define what I was feeling about my blog three months in than it was to win anything. I think I accomplished that. And you are my link to that red guitar in my closet. I can’t imagine what I’m saving it for but your amazing references to music and literature have stimulated my desire to play again.

  4. Well, you know I’m one of your fans already, so I don’t need to say that here. I do feel a little guilty being one of your writers who can’t afford your art, but I’m working on that, I promise! 😉

    And hey, if Paperback Jack hangs out here (who I have *such* an internet crush on) you must be doing something right with your writing – don’t forget that. x

  5. I don’t always comment, but I always read your beautiful prose.

    You see and speak the world in a wondrous, honest manner.

    Nothing wrong with asking people to leave; a poor guest deserves no hospitality.

    Keep on keepin’ on!


  6. @Em Yes, I know, you are also my muse. And that’s okay, I can’t afford my art either 🙂 …the internet is made from crushes isn’t it? That is what we do, go find our favorite people? I think it’s swell.

    @Skye Thank you and I appreciate your support and encouragement (and readership).

  7. I loved this post. I feel (almost) exactly the same way with my blog. I have admired your artwork on Etsy for some time and your writing is interesting and connects me more to your work. Keep at it.

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