Suddenly in Sunlight

Suddenly in Sunlight

Spring, lovely spring! All that was sleeping comes alive and nature’s cheeks blush once again.

Part of the Small Wonder Series, this bright and colorful 6″ beaded mosaic wall hanging celebrates the variety and beauty of spring and the power of renewal. Available at Etsy. Prints at RedBubble.


4 thoughts on “Suddenly in Sunlight

  1. I’ve been a big fan of your beaded mosaics for a while now and I love this! I know how labor intense mosaics can be and your tiny designs make me appreciate how long it must take you to make these!

  2. Hi and thank you!

    I wish you had emailed me earlier so I could read your blog. Of course your Etsy shop is hearted already but nice to meet you finally.

    Your “SPACE CASE – Stained Glass Cosmic High Heel Mosaic Shoe Sculpture ” is so very cool! Everyone should go see it! Also take a look at “Yeti-fy Your Loved Ones.” 🙂

    Thanks for visiting…and come back please…blogs get lonely just like artists.

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