Man on the moon!

Neil Armstrong Aerospace Walk of Honor
Neil Armstrong at 1991 Aerospace Walk of Honor

Neil Armstrong at the City of Lancaster’s Aerospace Walk of Honor, 1991. Granite Monument/Medallion and Silver Medal design and sculpture by Diana Maus (me). There are many such monuments lining the boulevard in Lancaster. The program honors exceptional test pilots that flew out of Edwards Air Force Base. I was involved with this program from 1990 (its inception) until I left in 2005. With five honorees each year, that’s a lot of monuments!

Sometimes I miss the old days as a designer. But those days were long gone by the time I left. Okay, so I’m showing off a little. I have a few notches on my belt and I am getting older NEXT WEEK. Look how young I was here… just 37! (love my 90s glasses!)

designing the medallion (thats me on the right)
designing the medallion (that's me on the right)

4 thoughts on “Man on the moon!

  1. That. is. so. cool.

    Neil Armstrong is an alum from the University at which I am matriculating this semester.

    They just dedicated a new (absolutely fabulously gorgeous) building to him last year on campus.

    Did you get to meet him? That’s a living legend right there.

    Too cool that you designed his monument.

  2. I got to meet him and all the aerospace biggies over the years. Lots of astronauts, daring do-ers, record breakers, and very, very interesting (and humble) honorees. Yeah, he got to be the first to step on the moon, ho hum… just kidding of course!! I bet most kids don’t even know who he is! Twelve men have stepped on the moon. No women…yet.

    As an aside, one year we had Leonard Nimoy as our celebrity guest speaker and I really enjoyed meeting him! He gave a great speech. He is also a humble man.

    Which university? I see he went to Purdue and USC.

  3. Oooh. I’m not sure which one I’d rather meet more: Armstrong or Nimoy.

    Tough, tough call. Either way, I’d likely make a fool of myself.

    I am almost finished at Purdue. USC: oh, for California weather and activities rather than flat, dull Indiana.

    Sadly, my husband has one more year for his Ph.D. in Physics here.

    One more year.

  4. One more year! You can do that standing on your youthful heads, LOL. And congratulations to you both!

    California does have the weather thing, but the activities (unless you’re into outdoor activities like hiking and skiiing) are in the big cities and I am weary of sitting in traffic for 4 hours to see a concert. L.A. is a big bite of weary. Maybe if you’re young…

    Oh the taxes (!!) the traffic and the crowds are terrible. Enjoy Indiana while you have it.

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