I Dropped a Tear in the Ocean

oceantearetsy1“I dropped a tear in the ocean” (an unattributed quote) inspired this dainty beaded mosaic. Part of an ongoing Pacific Ocean series.

Mosaic includes sea glass, bugle and seed beads, brass embellishments, gold beads, and silver jewelry on a 4″ terra cotta tile.
The mosaic is matted in bronze and framed with a 5 1/2″ table-top shadow box. A delicate and beautiful tribute to the ocean’s beauty and power.


Prints at RedBubble.


6 thoughts on “I Dropped a Tear in the Ocean

  1. As well as being utterly beautiful, your art is also an excellent incentive for me to earn more money so I can buy art again. Sigh, it’s so lovely, and it speaks to me on so many levels.

    I’m working on it, I promise!


  2. Hi from Sweden! Your art is absolutely beautiful and such joy! You are truly talanted. Thank you for showing your art/Marianne

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