Studio blues

Art is lonely. If I didn’t listen to CDs, I couldn’t do it. I have a large collection. Here’s a selection from today so far…

Elvis, U2, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young Live at Red Rocks
Elvis, U2, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young Live at Red Rocks

I am working in my studio, alone as usual.

my desk
my desk

And it’s beautiful outside.

I had a rare lunch out with a friend Tuesday and it just makes being here alone that much harder. March is a cruel month. I SO have spring fever! It’s supposed to be cold and rain this weekend. My dogs are bored. They should be running through the sprinklers but everyone’s working, so they sleep.

I’m breaking for lunch. California Pizza Kitchen Microwave Margherita Pizza. Pretty good. The thin cracker crust one.

I never imagined how hard it would be to work from home. I have no coworkers, no lunch buddies (not that I did at the end anyway), not even a “good morning” in the hallway. I rely mostly on bits of TV in the morning and at lunch (CNN is on now but boring) and I break for Millenium reruns at 4 p.m. I love Frank Black (Lance Henriksen). I like to work again after dinner and before primetime TV.

Yes, I am a boomer and was raised on television. I love television, especially sci-fi. Hell, I love ALL TV, who am I kidding. Television is my other family, an alternative reality. I needed an alternative as a child, believe me. Now, I guess I still count on it to fill in the gaps of real life in the burbs.

Okay, back to my work… a little purple, some blue and gold, and finish off the Elvis collection. Ah, spring! Damn you.

3 thoughts on “Studio blues

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that. If only all the times I wonder how you are and what you’re creating could be willed into existence as little chattering sparkles in your studio, then you’d feel a lot less like this. x

  2. Thanks Emma! I guess I should have said, if I didn’t have my bloggers to read AND my CD’s I couldn’t stand it!
    It really does help to go see what’s on everyone’s mind each day.

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