My precioussssssss…

“Precious” Art Box


Some matters of the heart are too precious to be told.

Handmade Art Box (doesn’t open) is 4″ square, without embellishments. The gorgeous, emerald green Murano glass heart is 1 1/2″ tall and the detail in this one is exquisite! “Precious” is covered in an aged, red, faux leather embossed paper that I salvaged from one of my mother’s vintage photo albums. Brass accents create a beautiful and intimate treasure chest… for the secrets of the heart.

Available at Etsy and images of it are available at RedBubble.

Precious detail
Precious detail
Precious detail 2
Precious detail 2
Precious detail 3
Precious detail 3

7 thoughts on “My precioussssssss…

  1. Ooooh, I want this one too! I have such a compulsion to open boxes, this drives me mad in a most exquisite way. If I had the money and space, my house would be full of books and boxes. In fact, I could keep some of the books in the boxes…. *palpitations*

    I second the gorgeous!

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