A painting instead of a mood (or a mood, painted)

This Old Man: Future Images

This Old Man: Future Images
This Old Man: Future Images

This is an oil painting I did after the smog in Los Angeles reached critical mass in the late 70’s. The sky looked like thick, brown soup. It suggests that clean, breathable air was possible only in a different future. This old man, with gas mask, isn’t optimistic, having been witness to man’s disregard for the environment for a long, long, long time.

You can find prints, cards, etc. of “This Old Man” at RedBubble.

5 thoughts on “A painting instead of a mood (or a mood, painted)

  1. *totally freaks out*

    This looks like one of the characters in my book! He doesn’t wear a mask like that, but everything else – *everything* about his face and hair is spot on.

    It’s a great picture by the way!

  2. Thank you!

    Really? A character in your book THAT I CAN’T WAIT TO READ?

    Can you tell I am a reverent sci-fi/fantasy reader? I think this was after I read Tolkien. It’s not Gandalf the grey but a similar wise and ageless soul. The archetypal father I guess.

    After Gandalf, and of course Bilbo Baggins, I was in love with the Vampire Lestat. I still am. I can see him. I’ve always wanted to do his portrait but so many Tolkien artists have not rendered those characters as I see them, I probably never will try Lestat.

  3. Really!

    Ah, Lestat…..

    Since seeing this, I’ve daydreamed about you painting someone from my book one day. Is that egotistical or what?!

  4. That’s not egotistical at all!

    I am at heart an illustrator, and I have found many characters that begged to have their portrait painted.

    and yes, ahhh, Lestat….. How I miss him.

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