A very special Valentine’s Day portrait for you!

For the Love of Frida original painting
"For the Love of Frida" by Lexa Dedman

All Hail the Queen!

Both of my daughters are artists. My youngest daughter, Lexa Dedman, has been specializing in dogs, dogs, some more dogs, and one cat. In addition to her pet portraits, she has the most adorable handmade pillows!

I think her “Frida” portrait makes a very special Valentine, don’t you?

“For the Love of Frida” is a 12″x16″ original gouache painting on deep canvas. It has painted sides so there is no need for framing, and spray coating for durability.

You can view/buy Lexa’s artwork and handmade items at earthdogoz (at Etsy) and rebubble, or visit her at MySpace.

2 thoughts on “A very special Valentine’s Day portrait for you!

  1. Diana, you are so hard on yourself! But I do understand how it can be difficult to get self motivated…that’s why a show usually makes me crack my own whip….
    Don’t worry so much…..Spring is coming!

  2. You mean I can come out of hibernation soon? If the economy wasn’t such shit I wouldn’t worry so much. But I feel like I’m not pulling my weight! Our budget has been decimated by california’s taxes and cost of living and Arnold is about to make it much worse.

    Yes, there is a show in March (art from trash). I have been sick for a few days but once I feel better I need to see if I can pull something off and enter it.

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