Three moods of a woman…a pre-Valentine

These Three Moods
Three Moods

Three views of a friend…three moods of a woman…a missed communication…on the outside looking in. The intended mood was one of disconnection and loss, because I was suffering from those feelings at the time.

The painting was done in a traditional, realistic oil portrait style. I used a method called Grisaile (decorative painting in gray monochrome) for the figures. Traditionally, these gray figures would then be layered with multiple, colored oil glazes to bring skin colors to life. I had intended to do that. I was doing a series of Grisaile paintings at the time. But the monochrome figures on the outside of the window seemed to allude to a loss of connection to the colorful inside room.

The phone again symbolized loss of connection to someone needed and dear. It’s not clear if the sky is sunset or sunrise. I guess that will depend on how she well she handles this crisis. Is it a beginning or an end?

The original is a 24” x 36” oil on canvas. Signed by Diana Moore, my maiden name.

Shop for “Three Moods” prints, T-shirts, greeting cards, etc. Email me if interested in the original.

Three Moods detail
Three Moods detail
Three Moods detail
Three Moods detail

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