A mask of accommodation to anger’s arrow

Martha and the Vendettas
Martha and the Vendettas

Martha and the Vendettas

Martha was painted during my divorce over 20 years ago. The figure is in an angry wound-up pose, arrow in hand, ready to release it if pushed any further. It started as a loose sketch, then painted in traditional oils. The face was changed to a mask because I was having to contain my anger at the time to thwart danger in the situation—hence the arrow behind the back but the mask of accommodation. The name is a play on Martha Graham (the dancer) and Martha and the Vandellas (the singing group). The blue swirls on top of the red dress also are an attempt to pacify my anger with purer thoughts and activities.

Original is a 36″ x 48″ oil on canvas.

Shop for “Martha and the Vendettas” prints, T-shirts, greeting cards, etc. or at Etsy. Interested in the original? Please Email me.

Martha detail
Martha detail

4 thoughts on “A mask of accommodation to anger’s arrow

  1. Everyday over the last week I have been well enough to look at your art posts but not well enough to comment – a sweet agony!

    I am so impressed. Please understand that as a British woman, I find it hard to express my admiration in the rushing, gushing way that it feels – it’s a whole culture I am fighting against here but oh! Oh I love your art!

    What really makes me happy though, is that we found each other purely by chance, starting our blogs on the same week. I had no idea I would love your art so much.

    It’s times like these where I think there is maybe something a little more clever than random chance at work.

  2. At the risk of starting a mutual admiration society (anyone else want in? We are a friendly group), I must say that I feel the same way about meeting you through your wonderful blog at the start of your (and the start of my) exploration of what, if anything, our art will mean to the world—a world chock full of writers and artists.

    As for gushing…I have been prohibited from gushing (and blowing my own horn) for 20+ years in the corporate world. I say let’s have a gush-fest someday (privately, of course) and see what comes of it. For now, it’s enough for me to say THANK YOU for being kind enough to stay on as my muse, for the time being, and for the words, “Oh I love your art!”

    Random? Ha! We’ll see…

  3. I find this piece very moving. The mask face is powerful. The half in light half in shadow thing on her figure. The position of her body…

    I liked finding your blog! Thank you for putting it into the world.

  4. Hello Heidi, thanks for stopping by. I am struck by the drama of this piece, done during a very dramatic period of my life. There are secrets behind the mask, who is this woman? I know, but I’m not telling…

    Glad you like her.

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