“Ocean Heart” Beaded Mosaic

Ocean Heart
Ocean Heart

An homage to my hometown, Pacific Beach, California, and to the mother of my soul, the awesome Pacific Ocean. Emerald green was my mother’s favorite color so I chose a green heart.

"Ocean Heart" detail
"Ocean Heart" detail

This piece is now the ocean floor of the beaded mosaic birdcage “Heart’s Escape.” Click on the “original” link below to see what happened to the heart…

Shop for “Heart’s Escape” original and prints, T-shirts, greeting cards, etc.

2 thoughts on ““Ocean Heart” Beaded Mosaic

  1. This is one of my favourites, I saw it a while ago on your other art pages (shop I think) and was immediately drawn to it. Reading that it is a homage to the ocean made that attraction even stronger; I grew in Cornwall, ten minutes drive from the beach and spent most of my childhood summers either in the sea or next to it. I live a long way inland now and miss it desperately. Whenever I need to ground myself, it takes only a moment with closed eyes to feel the Cornish cliffs beneath me and the wild wind tugging my hair.

    This piece of your art reached in and pulled that little heart string made by the Atlantic ocean, all those years ago….

  2. I understand what you mean. I feel a pull from that infinite depth, power and strength. Plus some of the better moments of my childhood were there. It’s a safe place for me. I’m glad it touched you.

    Jung believed the sea is a substitute for one’s mother (the archetype, mother), and that those missing mother would often choose a life at sea.

    I’d prefer a life on a cliff overlooking the sea, not in it, LOL.

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