“The Choice” Beaded Mosaic Chest of Drawers

The Choice
The Choice

It’s not unusual for an artist to be influenced by poetry. Poetry is truth exposed— eloquently and succinctly. Sometimes it seems like my personal truth, but as it turns out, my truth is universal. This piece was inspired by the poet Wislawa Szymborska.

In the poem “COULD HAVE”, Szymborska writes about destiny/fate/chance/luck and, most fortunately, reprieve. I read this poem many times and eventually realized that I didn’t really have The Choice to decide my fate after my mother’s death at a young age. “As a result”, “because”, “although” and “despite” played the larger role. The “Chest” of drawers is a metaphor for my mother’s chest (and heart). Once upon a time, there seemed no separation between hers and mine. The four drawers state my truths:

As a result of circumstances at the time
Because I had to go on
Although it wasn’t what I wanted, and
Despite all evidence to the contrary

I chose. Or did I?

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