Why linking can be a very, very good thing

World's Best Pastrami Sandwich
World's Best Pastrami Sandwich

Since I’m new to blogging, I’ve been reading a lot about linking in posts. Generally, I like to read the comments to posts about linking. Readers seem to be split on the use of links. Some, like me, actually click on them. Some think of them as an annoyance or diversion while reading. So I laid awake at 3 in the morning (always at 3 or 4), and wondered about my compulsive need to link in my own posts (which I have slowed down on since I was getting very few clicks on my extremely interesting, heavily researched links. You don’t know what you’re missing guys, really), I thought about how a good blog is a good blog, but a great blog has really great links.

A great blog is like meeting someone on the street and having a pleasant chat and then they tell you about this great deli down the street and you go there and you have this great pastrami sandwich, maybe the best you’ve ever had, and you find out it’s the best you’ve ever had because of the mustard they use that you can buy at this little market on the other side of town, and they give you the address and you go there and buy a half dozen jars of mustard (because it’s on the other side of town) and when you get home you realize that everything tastes so much better now! All because of that one person you met. Now, that’s a great blog!


This post was made possible by Yelp.com‘s post of a photo by L Y P of the “World’s Best Pastrami Sandwich” at Katz’s Delicatessen in NYC. I have no idea what kind of mustard they use on their pastrami sandwiches (artistic license). But I’ve provided you a link in case you’d like to try one. Sorry, a search of the L Y P site had no reference to the post at Yelp.com.

4 thoughts on “Why linking can be a very, very good thing

  1. I think it’s kinda friendly having links to other blogs. and links to things like wiipedia are useful for general knowledge. It’s also meant to help your google ratings of course.

  2. I agree it’s friendly. I love Wiki because I love trivia, well, not really trivia but asides…You find the most interesting things and people.

    I’m afraid I haven’t gotten into SEO and ratings yet. I thought WP.com didn’t get bots from google, etc?? Hmm… Guess I need to do some studying.

  3. I love the analogy! My take on links for my blog (who am I to say whether it is ‘right’ or not?) is that I link to things that are immediately relevant. If I am writing because I was inspired by another post, then I say so and link to it for example.

    In terms of gaining benefit from links, the benefit google-wise comes from in-bound links, not outgoing ones, so no worries on that front. Haven’t heard about a WP google bot thing – I know Google has found my blog and is indexing regularly. Google may take a while to stumble across a site if there are no other places linking to it.

  4. Interesting Emma, I like the relevant part but I also like to “play” and give people something fun once in awhile and good links they might miss otherwise. Especially art!

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