Need vs. Want

mulchy brown
mulchy brown

Last night I posted Reason vs. Desire without much explanation, and without realizing I had been trying to discern between need and want while shopping yesterday. Whenever I feel hungry for that-which-cannot-be-named, I usually buy something that excites my eye, my ear, or my mouth. Yesterday it was lemon yellow towels. Yummy lemon yellow towels. I thought these towels would change my life. I thought they would liven up my drab winter house and spirit. Buying them lifted my spirits. This morning I tried them out in my bathroom. Nothing happened. No lift, no brightening of the dim blue light. In fact, they seemed out of place in the dead of winter. I wished I had bought the deep earthy brown towels I reached for first. They were the color of damp soil, with specks of red and tan, a mulchy brown, with coffee grounds. Maybe the lesson is to be in the season you are in, and not yearn for the last or next. Sometimes deep, dark earth is just what is needed to make one feel grounded and accepting of life’s seasons.

2 thoughts on “Need vs. Want

  1. Yes, funny that I was drawn to the rich brown and thought, oh that’s not very colorful. Earth tones have always been my favorites though, since the 70s. I don’t often use them in my work. Maybe the next piece will be earth tones.

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