With All My Heart Art… “Thief of Hearts”

Thief of Hearts
Thief of Hearts

Thief of Hearts

He stole the heart (the strongest one)
The one with wings that would have flown
He stole the heart (before it grew)
No note the harm deceit would do

He stole the heart (and sad to say)
Filleted its soul with fork and knife
He stole the heart (the one with wings)
But stronger souls can trump a King
~ Diana Maus


This work is about taking back my power after a lopsided, damaging relationship. I was young and naive. He was a narcissist. It took years to restore my sense of self. The mother bird and two babies represent me and my two daughters. Motherhood provided me with the strength to protect them, if not myself. I only learned to protect myself through my empathy with children. There were others who were damaged. I don’t want to know how many. Chapter closed.


12″x12″ mixed-media mosaic. My work is hand-beaded by gluing each bead, jewel and embellishment one by one onto foam-core. I used leather, brass and silver charms, jewelry, crystals, and hundreds of Czech and Japanese bugle beads. Available at With All My Heart Art.

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9 thoughts on “With All My Heart Art… “Thief of Hearts”

  1. Thank you for contacting me about the broken Imagekind link to your work from my Blogspot blog. I presume you’ve moved away from IK to RedBubble exclusively for selling your prints?
    If you have a minute, please let me know.
    You have a lovely blog here with lots of nice images and thoughts. Congratulations on such good work.
    Oh, and I join you in national joy re the Inauguration! 🙂 (Anyone looking over my Zazzle store with all that Obama design gear will know my political passion!)

  2. I like new age art too, nature and ethnic things. i have no words, is simply wonderful and fantastic.

  3. Diana, your work is beautiful. I was wondering what kind of glue you use to keep the beads from coming off easy. Where would I purchase one of your pieces?

  4. Hi Jacqui!

    I use a variety of water based craft and jewelry glues. If you need more detail please ask. I would need to know what you are trying to glue, to advise you. The small beads and larger pieces need different adhesion. Metal needs a different glue altogether.

    You can click on any of the Buy My Art links under the Gallery>Purchase links to your left on my sidebar or

    Go to my ETSY shop for originals, prints and some surprises, at…

    WithAllMyHeartArt at ETSY

    or to my RedBubble shop for prints, T-shirts, calendars at…

    WithAllMyHeartArt at RedBubble

    Thanks for your interest!

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