Musings: How does the heart inspire art?

How does the heart inspire art? All art is an emotional reaction to something, whether it be light dancing on clouds or man’s inhumanity to man.

Is art the oyster’s pearl, shaped by the pressure and stress of its environment over time? This accidental, yet somehow essential, by-product acquires a unique and treasured quality. Or is art more like excrement or vomit, a human voiding, a by-product of our psyches? Just as we must defecate, we must paint, or write, or sing, or dance.

Are these two different ideas or one in the same? One is discovered lying in wait by chance, the other breaks forth when you can’t hold it any longer. But both are products of the human heart. Both bring forth what could not be contained—an irritation rubs, a joy cries out.

a bit of my "Thief of Hearts" mosaic
a bit of my "Thief of Hearts" mosaic

My work is a reaction to life, its bounty and its scars. When I am inspired, it can be a quick, jolting manifestation or a slower realization of deeper meanings with layers I hadn’t noticed before. Working with emotion isn’t very different than working with visual elements—the sea, the sky, the earth, the figure. We struggle to capture that moment, that feeling, to express it, contain it, expel it. My intent is to bring to life something that can’t be seen, can no longer be contained. Shape, design, and color while mosaicking help me to “tame the beast”, clarify the feeling and then encage it in a finite space. Once there, it is now separate from me, or more importantly, made universal. I feel less alone when I realize I’m in ancient, primal territory.

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2 thoughts on “Musings: How does the heart inspire art?

  1. Uh-oh – I have two little problems.

    First: I don’t have enough time to respond properly to your posts right now, and I am dying to! You keep making me all thoughtful! Hopefully I will steal some moments tomorrow.

    Secondly: I am not yet wealthy enough to buy your art. I just went and had a look and it is so beautiful. So rich. I want to touch it, and I adore art that compels me to do that.

    So: to-do list entries for today: Get more time, get more money. Give both to you. The latter will take longer, alas, but the desire is there.

  2. Ha ha. You are so funny… and kind, to take the time to write anyway. As I am in the same boat (of not being able to afford my own art or any other that I adore), if you find the key to such wealth, you will share it with us first, right?

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I wish people could see my work in person, the camera doesn’t do it justice. Oh well. And don’t worry…if you haven’t time to comment it doesn’t matter because you are my muse, remember? And I am waiting for that book, so MosaicMoods is not going away any time soon.

    See you post-apocalypse!

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