Why Andrea Runyan inspired me to have a blog

Andrea Runyan recently wrote an inspiring post about “staying in the middle of the river”. That’s where the action is, the flow. I have to agree with that sentiment, that getting caught in the eddies at the side, diverted from your path, is treacherous and a waste of a good ride. This is where stagnant waters lie, stagnant dreams, oozing sores of mold and mood. Stay there too long, forget to move along, and you may get stuck, get ill, delirium sets in, and life flows swiftly past—without you.

I retired early and I am in one hell of an eddy. It isn’t the first time I’ve been stuck not knowing what comes next and probably won’t be the last. I need to paddle out, ride the current again.

Current, what a perfect word that is. Current, present, NOW.

So now I’m here, in my new blog, to explore love, anger, euphoria, and depression in depth. These themes have been fodder for my art for some time. I invite you to visit, stay, divulge, think, eat, argue, throw me an oar, come with.

You’re gonna have to get your hands dirty. Life, like art, is messy, and transcendent, and perfect, and tragic, and inescapable.

MosaicMoods launches tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Why Andrea Runyan inspired me to have a blog

  1. Love, anger, euphoria and depression? How can I not come along? That summarises the four points of my compass!

    I’m not sure I have any oars, but I have loved a hell of a lot, got angry a hell of a lot, am feeling pretty damn euphoric right now and am reaching the end of a long hard climb out of post-natal depression…. so I would love to join you here.

  2. AWESOME! Emma you are my VERY FIRST COMMENT! Woohoo, yay, you are going to be my muse. I am going to write JUST FOR YOU, from now on!

    My daughter just had my first grandchild, a girl. I am euphoric still so I can relate. Will be writing about it soon. Sorry to hear you had Post-Partum. Awful stuff.

    Hello, hello and WELCOME! See you tomorrow….

  3. Just for me? I am thrilled and humbled, and very happy for everyone else to read it too ;o)

    Congrats to you and yours – I am told that first grandchildren are very special. Both my mother and grandmother have said so many times!

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