A new year, a new blog

A new year, a new blog and a chance to meet new friends, talk about what sucks, what sizzles, and whatever gets us over the hump (art helps). Very cool.

Why MosaicMoods?
Well, my primary medium is groutless mosaic—really pretty, shiny, bejeweled mosaic—inspired by poetry, joy, music, loss, life. But mosaic has many meanings. There is…
~ the art of mosaic
~ a mosaic of testimony from various witnesses (that’d be you guys)
~ the mosaic of the female (all females are mosaics because of X-chromosome inactivation – lyonization)
~ the mosaic expression of gene patterns in various disorders
~ a viral disease of plants, resulting in light and dark areas in the leaves, which often become shriveled and dwarfed

Finding these alternate definitions is really exciting because it gives me a deeper framework within which to write. Art, testimony, females, expression, patterns, the light and the dark. All make me think I’m on the right track.

MosaicMoods launches Monday, January 12, 2009. Most days, I’ll bring up whatever I’m in the mood for. Kind of a mood smorgasborg. I’m looking for lots of discussion folks, so don’t be shy. On Fridays Whenever it feels right,  I’ll bring a piece from my portfolio and talk with you about the inspiration behind it. Sign up via RSS and join me in ringing in the new year, or in wringing it’s neck, whichever comes first.

One thought on “A new year, a new blog

  1. Just wanted to add that the “No Comments” note on posts in WP does not mean no comments are allowed. Apparently there has been some confusion with this wording. Comment away!

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